Supply Chain Management

For the Forest Products Industry


Work in real-time with your trading partners from the same data set

Virtual Supply Chain

Trade in an advanced virtual supply-chain


Negotiate and Tender both Timber and Freight.

Supply-Chain Intelligence

Gain valuable insights and analytics on your relationships and supply-chain


Bulk and Container Shipments


News effecting over 15 key Timber markets

Collaboration Problem

Today communication between Sawmills, Forwarders and their importing customers is limited to email and telephone, which limits flexibility in negotiation, supply-chain visibility and insights for all parties involved.

However modern technology can enable much closer collaboration that saves time and reduced non-value added time for front-end staff such as sales and logistics by automising certain steps through-out their work day.

Advanced 5-Step Supply-Chain
Logistics Booking & Tendering
Vessel, Container, Courier Tracking
Document Generation + Electronic Signatures
News and Trade-flow Statistics
Business & Supply-Chain Intelligence

What is the Timber Exchange?

The Timber Exchange is Collaborative Supply Chain Management & Business Intelligence platform that allows companies to trade privately with advanced features and conveniences of modern technology and access different types of market and business intelligence.

How does it work?

Sawmills, Importers, Traders and Forwarders can trade seamlessly in virtual supply-chain, with access to dynamic tools, analytics, profiles, calendars and market intelligence, that improve trade, efficiency and accountability.

Deal steps

  • Collect/Negotiate offers for Freight (15m)
  • Calculate CFR/Delivered price per Product & Destination (30m)
  • Send/Negotiate offers for Timber (30m)
  • Organize/Share Deal Information & Schedules (30m)
  • Summarize and Analyse Performance (20m)
  • Read News and Statistics (15m)

Time Saved Per day 2h 20m

Time Saved Per Month 46h 40m

Time Saved

Sales staff go through 7 steps for each deal, typically spending upto two and half hours per day on inefficient processes through the deal life-cycle.The platform reduces the time spent on non-value adding adding activities and improves access and exchange of information allowing users to save up to two and half hours per day.